The Basics

The word "planning" says it all, and when it comes to planning for your wedding ceremony, various details need to fall into place.

Here are some basic items relating to my services for your consideration:

  1. In order to secure me as your Marriage Commissioner, please complete and submit the Booking Form.
  2. You will also need to complete and submit the MA-1 Form. This information must be accurate as it is what I send in to register your marriage with the province. If your witnesses’ information changes after you have submitted the form, no worries, just advise me of the change so that I can revise your official documents.
  3. You will need to purchase a Marriage License. Please note: A Marriage License is only valid for 90 days and must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to your wedding date. For a list of locations where you can purchase a Marriage License, click here.
  4. It’s important to meet in person before your actual wedding date. The purpose of this pre-ceremony meeting is to clarify details, confirm expectations, and provide me with your Marriage License. At this time, you can let me know if you wish to use the prescribed wording only of if you wish to write your own vows etc.
  5. When it is not possible to meet in person, we can use skype/zoom to meet electronically.
  6. Keep in mind that I may be officiating another wedding on the same day as your ceremony. That’s why it’s so important to respect the time that we have agreed upon. If the time needs to be changed, please advise me as soon as you know, so that it will work for all of us.
  7. More on timing: I am always at the wedding venue well in advance so that I can familiarize myself and check for any last minute details and ensure everything is there.
  8. If the wedding will be held in a larger venue, I would appreciate that you arrange for a microphone, a cordless, clip-on type is my preferred choice.
  9. My fee for officiating your marriage is negotiable, with a minimum set by the Province at $75. For more details on the fee structure, see Marriage Unit of the government of Saskatchewan.
  10. A fee to cover mileage may be applicable depending on the location of the wedding. Exempt from mileage fees are weddings officiated in Pense, Grand Coulee and Regina.
  11. Finally, payment for my services may be provided by cash or cheque, preferably before the ceremony.
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