Thank Yous

Francine was great! So helpful and made our ceremony all about us and our family. She was so accommodating and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is needing a marriage commissioner. Thanks Francine!

Francine made our wedding day very special. She was so helpful before the wedding. She met with us and walked us through the whole ceremony so that we were very prepared and relaxed. We loved the way Francine conducted the ceremony. She made everyone a part of the whole experience by what she said. She involved everyone with the 'Loving Rings' part of the ceremony at the start. It was very emotional for us and our family and friends. We loved it and we will always remember Francine, who gave it her personal touch and made our day a day to really remember.

Arthur and Elizabeth Anne

We couldn’t have a more perfect person to be our marriage commissioner. Francine took the time to come over to our house to get to know us before the wedding ceremony and iron out all the details, including giving us options on how we’d like to be called once she declared us married. She is a true friend and champion for the LGBT Community and we hope to keep in touch. We are glad we were able to share our special day with Francine. Merci beaucoup, Francine!

Sincerely, David & Erwin

Thank you Francine for all of your help. You really helped us feel organized and prepared for the ceremony. The words you spoke at the ceremony were very touching and special and we are so glad we had you perform the ceremony for us.

Sam and Pat

Thank you once again for your help on our big day. Your guidance beforehand and your beautiful words at our ceremony were so meaningful to us. You truly made us feel special!

Rob and Meagan

We would never surpass the pressure of our wedding without the help and understanding of Francine.  Such a nice person, and she was so open with all of our ideas.  Francine is one of the very reasons why our marriage was so memorable, with her in-depth and sincere approach on the ceremony proper that all the guests and us grooms has kept in our hearts.

Ray and Mark

I just wanted to let you know that we had such a wonderful response from our family and friends after our "secret" wedding. :-)  They were so happy, and were glad that we did it our way.

You did a great job, and made it really special. We'll be in touch if and when we decide to renew our vows!! 

Jolene and Christopher

Hi Francine,

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We were thankful for the gorgeous weather & spent a lot of time outside. Braden & I were wondering if you could email us a copy of everything you said at our ceremony. It was beautiful & we would like it as ‎a memento.  Thank you!

Jenine & Braden

Thank you so much! The ceremony was so nice. I was happy to see you are French as my dad's family is all from Quebec. He passed away recently, so it was nice to hear a familiar accent. It seemed really fitting.

Merci beaucoup!

Michelle and Chad

Francine was the perfect marriage commissioner for our big day.  Francine’s suggestions and personal touches made the day even more special for us!

Karen and Kevin

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